Customized Training

Community & Workforce Development

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Customized Training

Customized training through CCWD is designed to meet the specific needs of your company with programs that are timely, flexible, and responsive. Our instructors will work with you to define the scope of your training needs to ensure that your employees are skilled in the areas required for them to perform their duties with efficiency and professionalism. From soft skills to mechatronics, our expert instructors utilize the best practices in education to guarantee a return on your investment in training.

  • Corporate Education
  • Supervisory and Leadership
  • Communication for Conflict
  • MS Excel
  • Train the Trainer
  • Personality Assessment
  • WIFI Tech

  • Technology Training
  • PLC1 and PLC2
  • Machining
  • Industrial Electricity
  • Math and Measurement
  • Hydraulics
  • Industrial Maintenance

Corporate and Workforce Education Programs

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Employee Training: Online Programming, to meet your busy schedule

CCWD partners with American Safety Council to offer online OSHA education courses. These outreach training courses cover OSHA policies, standards and requirements.

CCWD partners with MindEdge to deliver online management and leadership training. All courses are self-paced, delivered 100% online, and available 24/7 making learning convenient and accessible anytime and anywhere with internet access.

These high quality courses are ideally suited for new managers, new hires or any professional seeking cross-functional training or needing to strengthen leadership, management and communications skills. Our programs allow you to study at home, at work, or on the go.

Online Management & Leadership with Mindedge Learning